We help you to gain more from your improvement efforts
to achieve your strategic goals

Using a Lean Six-Sigma approach, our value-targeted focus identifies, prioritises and aligns your efforts to drive break-through improvements in support of your growth and bottom-line performance

We coach you to think and act strategically about improvement, to achieve the business capability and performance to delight your customers.

Whether you;

Are focused on growth and need to ensure critical processes can perform under new demands

Require support identifying and resolving problematic processes that are not performing as expected

Wish to improve your people knowledge and capability of improvement methods to be self-sustainable

We work systemically to improve the way work gets done, using improvement methods such as Lean Six-Sigma.

By making process management easier and engaging the energy of employees we make the goal of Operational Excellence achievable.

Have you asked yourself…

"Do you business processes need a step change in performance? "

"Are your processes capable of supporting growth aspirations?"

"Is there clear line-of-sight between daily priorities and strategic goals?"

"How well is your time balanced between reactive and improvement?"

"Could your supply chain benefit from streamlining?"

"Could your improvement leaders benefit from improving skills to influence change?"

"Are your improvement results sustained?"

"Are your improvements focused on opportunities in your value streams?"

"Do you know where your priority non-value activity is?"

"Is there a difference across plants in improvement performance?"


Strategy for Brexit; Are you creating competitive advantage, or waiting the turn of the cards?

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Case Studies

Aligning Value Stream Activity to Business Goals

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Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace – design and manufacture. The civil division is the largest within the Rolls-Royce group. It provides power solutions for numerous civil aircraft applications and is currently the…

Latest Tweets

"Our business needed stability before we could move to improving quality and lowering our cycle times. Engagement of the shop floor and management was second to none. This enabled a sustainable step-change in our performance, supported with skills we can use again and again"

− Eoin Murphy, UK General Manager, Major Equipment International Ltd.

"Gavin is an outstanding strategy and Lean Sigma Leader. Able to consult, coach, mentor and provide direction. He is customer focused and aligns improvement to drive business ledger results, as well as making sure all learning is transferred in support of cultural advancement". His insight and support both in Aerospace and Healthcare industries over the years has been invaluable. Without hesitation I would recommend New Potential services to any enterprise looking to transform their culture and performance"

− James Horton, Lean Manufacturing Director GSC LS, GE Healthcare

"Gavin's diagnostic ability to see what was required at a strategic level and convert/lead a plan to engage the project team in improvement was highly valued. To do this in a short period of time was critical to moving the project forward and was achieved through Gavin's people and process focused approach on getting the basics embedded to build more complex improvements upon"

− Warren Gee, Quality Executive, Rolls Royce Plc.