Our Approach

Our style aims to challenge and stimulate thinking in an open and straightforward way to inspire creative solutions.

The approach is based on coaching as much as consulting. Timely and relevant bite-size training modules are integrated as required to optimise skills transfer.

So whether consulting, training, coaching or leading improvement projects, the solution is tailored to your needs.

How We Work With You

We work with you to understand your needs…

The New Potential diagnostic is evidence-based and identifies opportunities and risks to achieving your strategic goals

Develop a joint improvement plan…

The plan focuses specially on elements relevant to your needs.

  • Tools and techniques to build capability
  • Framework for developing capability and effective governance
  • Behaviours to engage and create climate for improvement

Deliver┬áthe plan…

Leadership or support in delivery of an improvement plan to achieve your goals

Our Expertise

Having ‘been there and done it’ across Europe, USA and Asia, our consultants who are endorsed in Lean Six-Sigma and change management, can help you implement world-class practices.

Expertise in Lean Six-Sigma and problem solving methods are accompanied by a proven track record of successful project implementation. Guiding others on how to manage change as part of an improvement journey and influence the right people along the way are all part of the skills New Potential bring to your company.

About Gavin Jones

Gavin has delivered and coached improvement change programmes, from shop floor to boardroom for 20 years across Europe, North America and Asia.  His passion for engaging people and developing knowledge to create sustained performance shifts is at the core of his approach.