Establishing a climate to sustain benefit is an important as achieving the business improvement itself. We work to systemically improve the way work gets done, using improvement methods such as Lean Six-Sigma.

For any company to be successful in continues improvement it needs to establish foundations on three core elements; tools and techniques, an effective governance framework and the right behaviours.

We support you in defining and delivering an improvement programme that will deliver on your needs with lasting results.

Foundations for Improvement


Embed adequate knowledge of methods to know how to improve process and business performance.
For example; Lean Six-Sigma, problem solving and change management.


Govern effectively and ensure strategic alignment so the right processes are being progressed in a timely manner.


Understanding and application of appropriate support, roles and sponsorship to nurture a culture of empowered employees that engage collaboratively to address issues.

Our evidence based diagnostic model can be used to focus the scope of a project, or as an overall health check to review the effectiveness of fundamental components required to harness an environment which can support improvement effectively.

The training solutions we offer:

Problem Solving for Leadership

For problem solving to be effective and robust, leaders need to create a supportive climate and ask the right questions.

This workshop interactively analyses
your current practices to enhance focus, governance, standard methods and people capability. It also generates a comprehensive action plan to address any identified needs.

Lean Six-Sigma Improvement

Aimed at lean leaders, green belts and senior leadership workshops can be constructed from our modules to create training relevant to your needs.

Whether the focus is on developing a Lean Six-Sigma strategy or specific elements, such as process capability or improving flow, a bespoke programme can be tailored.

Problem Solving for Practitioners

The workshop teaches methods, tools and a 7-step structure for leading problem resolution, in addition to providing the opportunity to apply them interactively.

It covers robust problem definition, localisation techniques and tests, through to resolution verification.

Leadership Skills in Influencing Effective Change

Improvement leaders need improvement tools, but as important is the competence to affect change through others.

This course enables delegates to diagnose and recognise the essential factors in preparing for difficult discussions with project influencers.


Training courses are available. However it is more popular to blend modular bite-size training into the solution as required. This reduces the time burden on the client and increase skills transfer.

What clients say. . .

“The positive challenging spirit tends to bring a very open and relevant focus to any discussion which gets to the heart of the problem quickly”

Pam Robertshaw, Programme Executive, Rolls-Royce plc.